Michigan Back Collaborative (MIBAC) Overview Webinar (43 mins)

MIBAC is a new Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Value Partnerships collaborative whose goal is to improve the initial management of low back pain across the State of Michigan. 

This webinar details the 3 levels of participation in the collaborative, with level 1 rolling out on March 1, 2021.  Level 1 pathway training is designed for "first contact" providers - PCPs and chiropractors - utilizing a highly vetted program offered through Spine Care Partners.  Level 2 involves ongoing collection of patient-reported outcome data, and Level 3 involves the full set of collaborative quality improvement activities common to all of the statewide collaboratives in Michigan.  The primary goals of MIBAC are to improve quality of care, prevent patients from developing chronic pain, and improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes for back pain in the State of Michigan.


Full Webinar Breakdown By Session Below:

Session 1: History of Value Partnerships Collaboratives (7 mins)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Daria Massimilla outlines the rich history of the Collaborative Quality Improvement (CQI) Programs in the state of Michigan and gives an introduction to MIBAC as the latest addition to that set of collaboratives.


Session 2: Michigan Back Collaborative Overview (17 mins)

Dr. Carrie Stewart, Program Director of the Michigan Back Collaborative, gives an overview of key issues in the care of low back pain and goals and initial structure of the MIBAC collaborative.

Session 3: Level 1 Training Overview (16 mins)

Dr. Brian Justice, Excellus Blue Cross provides the rich background and history of Spine Care Partners including the success of the pathway training implemented in upstate New York and elsewhere.